Mackerel and red mullet

Mackerel and red mullet are both highly popular saltwater fish that are primarily caught using the flyshoot method. These fish are available the whole year round and their high fat content gives them an absolutely delicious flavour.

The flyshoot method for catching mullet is one of the freshest and most sustainable fishing methods. The mackerel and red mullet is mainly purchased by our specialists who have been active in this market for many years. When exporting these types of fish, it is customary to pack them into small packages, e.g. styrofoam boxes of no more than 5g.

Mackerel and red mullet are both rich in vitamins and minerals. Did you know that if you eat mackerel or red mullet once a week then you will have already eaten the recommended daily dose of omega-3?

Red mullet

The belly of the red mullet is very fragile, especially in summer. For this reason, we only buy them for export from boats that have been at sea for less than three days. When the red mullet arrives, we ensure that the packaged fish is delivered to its destination within a maximum of 24 hours via road or air transport. If air transport is required, then we use specially designed leakproof, odour proof and temperature controlled boxes which enable us to export them on both cargo flights and passenger flights.

If you look out of an aircraft window and see boxes with the Dayseaday logo being loaded into the hold, then there’s a very good chance that you will arrive at your destination at the same time as our red mullet!


Our mackerel is largely caught in the English channels, where this type of fish generally doesn’t grow larger than one kilo. We also import fresh mackerel from Scotland. Mackerel is another type of fish that can be smoked cold or hot, just like Norwegian salmon, and thanks to its relatively affordable price, mackerel is an extremely popular fish.