Where do black tiger shrimp come from?

The black tiger shrimp can be found in great numbers all over the world, both wild and farmed. In Europe, the most common black tiger shrimp are farmed. Black tiger shrimp are distributed across an enormous area from East and South-East Asia via the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, around the Indian subcontinent and via the Malaysian archipelago all the way to the north of Australia and the Philippines. The majority of black tiger shrimp sold in Europe originate from the region around the Indian subcontinent.

Types of black tiger shrimp

The black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) is a ten-legged species belonging to the Penaeidae family. This family includes many different species, of which the black tiger shrimp is by far the most commercially viable. With an export volume of nearly 1,000,000 tonnes, the black tiger shrimp ranks at number two in the list of most exported species, second only to the whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei).

Preparation and gastronomy

The black tiger shrimp has established itself as a regular on many a restaurant menu as well as frequently gracing supermarket shelves. All kinds of preparation methods exist, from salads to soups and from wok dishes to grilled whole shrimp. At Dayseaday, we have divided the black tiger shrimp into four categories: peeled and boiled, peeled and raw, raw with head off and raw with head on. If you have any questions about this type of shrimp, our sales staff will be happy to tell you all you need to know.