The renewal of our website


The past few years of the Dayseaday Group can be summarised with this single word. Growth. In all areas. We have welcomed new members to our group and our product range has been regularly extended. With this the access to any desirable fish product has increased, the chain from origin to consumer minimalized.  To chart this growth and to tell our visitors a clear story, we decided to have our website renewed.

About the group

One shared platform where we can present ourselves clearly as the Dayseaday Group. This was one of our goals with this renewal. Now it’s clear who the members of our group are and in which areas we operate. Our strength comes forward in our diversity, therefore each of the participating companies has their own page with company information but it remains easy to navigate between them.

About our products

The product catalogue is to be a significant part of our new website. Both our fresh and frozen seafood products are listed here. Up-to-date. That way our visitors are kept informed of what we can currently offer them.

Our sales team has also highlighted a few products within their area of expertise to inform our visitors further on their favourite fish species.

About us

Who is behind this group? That’s us, the people who operate within the fish industry with passion and who are giving this growing company a friendly face. We will gladly help you find the right product and answer all of your other questions. Through this blog we’ll tell about ourselves and keep you updated about the developments of the Dayseaday Group.

With this new website we aim to provide a fresh view on our business group, possibly known by many already, while also providing a contact point for our business relations from all over the world.

Not yet in business with the Dayseaday Group? We gladly invite you to visit our new website and check the possibilities to grow along with us!